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We do not automatically close due to School Closings, School Vacations, or weather.
If the mall is open- we are open.
Should a class need to be cancelled, we will contact you prior to class via phone or email, and post on Facebook. Teachers may “cancel” classes or hire a replacement for the evening. If class is “canceled” the student may make up the class by attending any other class that week or the following- see “Make-Up” policy.

A student is able to “switch” classes at any point during the semester, as all classes are the same cost. However, please keep in mind reoccurring absences will absolutely affect and pose risk of your child falling behind on choreography and improvement in the class.
If your child is not a fan of the class they are in, please encourage them to try a different class. Not every genre of dance is for everyone and this way your dancer may find something they DO like while the discipline of moving past obstacles is also maintained- never give up!
Please note- if a class has less than 3 students registered it is likely and possible the class is cancelled for the semester.

It is ultimately up to the instructor as to what class level your student belongs in. Our staff is mindful in where your dancer thrives and learns best. A student moving up too soon can be detrimental to their improvement, so please allow us to help explain to your child how class placement works if they’re struggling with this as it is a common issue that arises in dance studios. We want successful and happy dancers so we will always pay attention to their needs! Please note we strongly encourage the students to challenge themselves and we may move a student to a higher level if we feel they can handle the class. That being said, many classes are mixed level meaning we offer them to a group of students that may vary in ability- this benefits all students in the class in different ways (very young dancers, “kindergarten age”, have their own classes!).

Our year cycles September-September. We have four , 13 week, “semesters”: Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. Unlike traditional studios that operate the “School Year”, we offer regular classes throughout the summer as well! Taking the whole summer off can be detrimental to all the work put in during the school year, and this gives children the opportunity to continue dance in the summer without committing to an out of area Dance Intensive or Camp. Please note that the summer schedule may vary from the other semesters so keep an eye out for any changes or new additions for summer time!

Although we operate in a less traditional way than most studios with our “Master Class/Workshop” philosophy, we still strongly encourage regular and habitual attendance, as this is a huge factor in student improvement, commitment, and discipline.
We also encourage the dancer’s participation in school activities such as sports, drama club, etc. and our “Make Up Policy” is designed to work with your child and their other commitments! Please note that attendance for the TEAM classes are a requirement for performance opportunities!

There will be one end of year show for all students (adult classes will be elective) but there will be many other performance/competition/convention opportunities throughout the year for students who sign up for our dance TEAM. See description for TEAM on page to follow. If you’ your child is interested and is above the age of 10, sign them up for both classes labeled “TEAM” on the schedule. Additional information, dates, permission forms, and all details for performances will be administered in those classes and are TBD.

Participants may make up a missed or cancelled class by coming to any following appropriate level class offered the following week with notice to the front desk for our records. It is YOUR responsibility to take advantage of the make-up policy. Keep this in mind for vacations, holidays, etc. because we do NOT close during those times (except Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas days).

Tuition is paid in the following:
“School-Age Students”: drop-in, semester, or full year.
Adult Students: drop-in, class card, monthly, yearly.

Accounts that are not paid by due date will incur a $25 late fee for each week unpaid. All unpaid accounts will be sent to collections if necessary, as the only way the studio can run is if the bills are paid each month.
Discounts are listed under the payment section of this packet. They are applied at registration.

There are no refunds, under any circumstances.

As we are very busy with teaching and the studio can be busy with students coming and going- we are not liable for watching your child prior and post scheduled class time.
If you drop your child off you MUST walk your child into the studio and ensure that he/she has gone into class.
We are not responsible for children leaving the studio upon early drop-off/late pick-up, so please be prompt.
You must walk to the studio to pick up your child or make appropriate arrangements for pick-up.
Please make appropriate arrangements for the drop-off and pick-up of your child.
We DO take class attendance however this is solely for our records and phone calls are NOT made home each time a child is absent from class, so please do not rely on this system to be sure your child attends class. 

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